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“A post”, as opposed to “First post”


"A post", as opposed to "First post" | Marsha Mothersill

As many  may know, this is not my first post. I stopped blogging to concentrate on my studies at University. Now that I have trained in my primary year of becoming a Front-End Web Developer, it is clear that my “training” will never be complete. Web Development as I see it, is an art. The best of both worlds, Design and Development | Multimedia… Computing.

I have always been a girl with a passion for both art and computing. I just needed to find the right path. When that path was found, the journey began…

I completed an internship at Sky [BSkyB] as a Junior Web Developer and then went on to work at Cyber Duck Ltd [Digital Agency]. I am now a Freelance Front-End Web Developer. I strive to push boundaries this year that I didn’t know existed. Blogging will truly signify exploration of endless possibilities.

Lets do this!


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