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Revision Path | Marsha Mothersill
Revision Path Feature

In October this year (2015) I was approached by Revision Path, a weekly interview show that focuses on showcasing some of the best Black graphic designers, web designers and developers from all over the world. I had the pleasure … Read More

Google logo | Marsha Mothersill
Google Visit

I was invited to Google on Friday for a visit. The building and interior alone blew me away. I respected the no pictures policy and snapped a few of my goodies after. The interior to me represented visual creative inspiration … Read More

Gadget Show Live | Marsha Mothersill
Gadget Show Live 2012

One word, wow! The Gadget Show Live team definitely know how to put on a show. I was thoroughly entertained all day. The exhibit and show was held in Birmingham at The NEC. It was packed as we entered … Read More

Own It | Marsha Mothersill
Happiness is your property #ownIt

My current mantra. Image courtesy of aaronritz Having Sickle means you never know where you will be in the next hour. One moment your at work, having fun with friends or in a deep sleep and the next your in … Read More

The Mighty Fugitives | Marsha Mothersill
Creating You

Have you ever completely had the ability to be you in any and every situation? I don’t think anyone knows completely who they are and life is a discovery of self. I know a lot of people that are … Read More

Strong Man | MarshaMothersill
Don’t be shy, be sure #lifeSkills

There’s more than what meets the eye about this post. At different stages of your life you may feel overly confident or blissfully ignorant. Sometimes we think, ‘Hey, I will feel happier not knowing’ or almost pretending not to know. … Read More

Snapshots of 2011 | Marsha Mothersill
Snap Shots from 2011

It’s that time of year again where I reflect on the year gone by and remember two great memories from 2011. It’s amazingly hard to summarize to just two as I feel I had a another fantastic year so … Read More

Qsound | Marsha Mothersill
Virtual Barber Shop

I was browsing on twitter and stumbled across the Virtual Barber Shop video via @kkbokyere. This was created by QSound Labs as a demonstration of Binaural audio technology. It is not a screamer or prank, just an experiment of audio technology. I … Read More

Leeds YOLO

After a crazy journey to Leeds with a broken track holding us up, we finally made it! I have needed a weekend break as I haven’t taken a day off work since I started four months ago. I wanted … Read More

Happy Feet 2 | Marsha Mothersill
Short films

French Samsung Commercial I really admire this piece (found via the talented Not only do I admire dance but he is a cutie!   Jordan Melo M8 – Explosive water projections (Via This is absolutely unreal!! I … Read More

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