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Have you ever completely had the ability to be you in any and every situation?

I don’t think anyone knows completely who they are and life is a discovery of self. I know a lot of people that are extremely shy which reminds me of me before I found my voice. I was the type of child to be loud at home but put me with someone I didn’t know and I would stay silent when they would ask me questions. I would warm up to people but not anyone that was too forward.

Currently, I love meeting new people and attacking that initial award moment. I feel that if the ice is broken with them then I feel comfortable around them, although this doesn’t happen in every situation. As easy as it may sound, I wasn’t able to talk to everyone but now that’s all changed. I find myself wanting to meet new people all the time but I choose the social events I wish to be in.

I was asked why I do this, simply, for me. So when I tweet things like, “Celebrate uniqueness and individuality with no arrogance, no competition and no comparison #BeYou“, it relates to posts like this where I can look back and remember things I have thought about and cared to write about. Sharing some of it means a lot to me¬†especially when I can read about others’ experiences of the same situations/topics.

I love introducing people to my world but no one knows it completely. Personally, I like to keep “some for me”. As selfish as that may sound, I will probably only give my all to that one person. I was spending time with my Gran whilst I was unwell and she would only tell us parts of the story of how she met my Grandad, an amazing story at that. Some may think it’s me protecting my heart, and some just me being secretive but this is what I feel will allow me to create me, to have my own private party.

India Irie – Private Party



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