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Don’t be shy, be sure #lifeSkills

There’s more than what meets the eye about this post. At different stages of your life you may feel overly confident or blissfully ignorant. Sometimes we think, ‘Hey, I will feel happier not knowing’ or almost pretending not to know. I personally think it is better to show your ignorance to something and learn than not and risk messing things up for yourself and others.

I ask a lot of questions, sometimes blatantly obvious and other times it saves lives (development and my own). I happen to sometimes be the person that discovers the mistakes at 5.30pm just before I set off for home. I physically cannot concentrate [Virgo] until these problems are resolved. I would rather stay and sort the problem than go home and dwell on it. Generally from my observational experience within previous work, females tend to think things through and weigh out the risks of necessity vs. consequence’s. Males tend to be more willing to take risks. I have seen good and bad cases of both and a balance seems the perfect combination. Within business, the male risk taker and the female’s strategic method of precognition combined are great business partners for obvious reasons.

Asking endless awkward questions is how we got here in the first place right? Age 2 1/2 the ‘why, why, why’ stage. So why not ask now? There is an old Jamaican song that states, “There are more, questions than answers, and the more that I find out, the less I know”. For me, every question opens a can of worms. I am generally a deep thinker, I think of everything possible to the point that people ask what I am thinking and why. Every experience is a learning curve and I have never been more self aware more than today.

It’s time to stop settling for what you know, go on, ask a question…

Shout out to “Strong-Man” anonymously watching over us at work sitting next to the Num Lock!



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