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Graduate | Marsha MothersillRemember when you were young and wrote your first block of code? Think about that first year of real hard work when you entered the development world. The feeling of everyone else knowing exactly what they had to do due to their experience. You had 3 months of internship and/freelancing under your belt and maybe wanted to try something new coming from a design background.

I certainly remember and still consider myself junior. There are so many opportunities for Junior Dev’s¬†right now, it’s a case of finding what’s right for them. Young developers need a chance just like you had but remember times are harder. Giving me the space to grow was the best thing I have been given. There are designers transitioning to developers (a journey in itself which I can relate to).

A lot of talented people I met along the way at University did not pursue a career in Online Media and chose to go down other paths. The ones who did struggled through the hard times with me and managed to be successful. Young grads need more opportunities or even direction after graduation to find the suitable job for them.

Personally, I followed avenues that helped me prosper. Thames Valley University internship program which lead to a placement at Sky, Monster Grad Fair where Cyber Duck found me. With minimal experience and a good look on my CV, I was approached by an Agency that told me about several opportunities out there. Until then, I was going around in endless circles not knowing how I could kick start my career with a bang. Encouraging people to never give up and always be around positive people sparks and eventually starts a fire with determination and dreams.

So all I ask is to bare in mind these young dev’s and designers and give them a chance to grow.

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