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Gadget Show Live 2012
Gadget Show Live Banner | Marsha Mothersill
One word, wow!

The Gadget Show Live team definitely know how to put on a show. I was thoroughly entertained all day. The exhibit and show was held in Birmingham at The NEC. It was packed as we entered a busy vibe so we took our coats off to prepare for the large hall.


Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall was the same as Olympia London where The Ideal Home exhibition is held. Picture hundreds of stands in the exhibit hall with all the latest technology from commercial tech companies. Everything and anything!

Top Gear, VW, Samsung, and Kenwood caught my eye, I was completely gassed over the CAS stand! (Thanks for the heads up PhybaOptikz). I was stuttering and all I heard was, “Say no more, I understand”. If you know me well, you have probably experienced my passion for cars. The black R8 with the Rotiform rims was the first car I spotted here.

Audi R8 GSL | Marsha MothersillThe black R8 with the Rotiform rims


After circling the red rope I moved on to the white Scirocco with the red leather interior, BBS LM 19″ rims. The boot was talking, as you can see below.


White Scirocco GSL | Marsha Mothersill
The white Scirocco with the red leather interior and BBS LM 19″ rims.


Next, over to Kenwood’s stand. My jaw dropped, stunning deep Matt Grey vinyl finish on another Scirocco with red leather interior and Kenwood speakers. The noise from this car had my attention; it had ridiculous individual controls in the arm rest compartment for each speaker. The boot door alone had its own set and inside, I won’t get started on car specs but we kept going back to this stand over and over, GSL definitely had good taste in cars.


Grey Scirocco GSL 1 | Marsha-Mothersill
Matt Grey Scirocco with textured rims and individual speaker controls.


Grey Scirocco GSL 2 | Marsha Mothersill
Matt Grey Scirocco with red interior.


The wheels on this car were incredible! Powder coated in a textured black finish, again it’s Rotiform BLQ.

A clip my friend took viewing the Scirocco:


Volkswagen ‘Up’ experience

Another highlight of the exhibit section was a VW test drive of the ‘Up!’ experience car. Automatic emergency breaks to prevent minor traffic accidents when the car is at 19mph or below. So in traffic and you got a Soft Mint out of the Glove, those moments. Great concept, not my thing but cute for a first car.  So we headed for a life sized poster of the back of a car. I asked the lady on the front desk if the car stalls in order to apply the emergency braking system… she said “no”…… If you get a chance check some of the other reactions on VW’s YouTube page, some had me in stitches! Especially the men who were screaming or had their eyes closed! Video quality is poor but you get the drift.


More reactions →


Live Show – Super Theatre

Entered the Super Theatre, everything was super about it. This place was huge! The presenters put on a show and they had us playing a game and dancing in front of a massive Kinect type device. Great way to warm us up as we caught too much joke!


Gadget Show Live highlights 1 | Marsha Mothersill

Left, The latest Numark Serato, top centre, Asus Transformer Prime Tablet, Top Gear simulator, right, Super Theatre for the live show; fire explosions and all sorts.



My highlights were (L-R in the videos below) the Festo Bird, Neuro cats ears that read your brain waves. The ears go up when you’re excited and down when relaxed. Suzie Perry had a lot of fun with that in the crowd. Robo Savy, Audience Helicopter Challenge, the opening of the show, and‘s live mix of the show.

These videos were found on YouTube, bare with, they get better but skip through to save time.


Wrap it up

Before we left, we joined the PC world crew for a little dance off on the Kinect playing Dance Central 2. If I had an Xbox, that would be my game. There were a lot of other great aspects such as Augmented Reality, 50 Cent attending and releasing his SMS headphones (review), Ortis and the Renault Twizy but the above was defiantly my highlights of the event not forgetting the great people that joined me where we giggled until our bellies hurt!

Friends GSL | Marsha Mothersill
Me and the boys, Bring on #GSL 2013!


A few more highlights below!

Quad Bikes GSL | Marsha Mothersill
Quad Bike Crew

Gadget Show Live highlights 2 | Marsha Mothersill
Top left, white custom made alloys costing 6 grand each, bottom left, Robo Savy, top right, mind control games, bottom right, a dress made out of network cables

Subaru Impreza GSL | Marsha Mothersill
Rally car – Subaru Impreza with subs for a back seat.

Apologies for the media quality, trying to fit in everything in a day was crazy! It’s a big one and I appreciate your eyes, discussion, questions welcome.

GSL reminded me of the days my dad and I used to go to the car show in ExCel and fix cars until it was time to sleep. Some of the best days of my life!

You know where to find me @Marsha_mm x




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