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I was invited to Google on Friday for a visit. The building and interior alone blew me away. I respected the no pictures policy and snapped a few of my goodies after.¬†The interior to me represented visual creative inspiration as I entered Google’s world.

I briefly learnt about what Google may have in store for us. AI and Nano technology being the future of what we could become and what technology could do for us. Yes the future of tech is exciting but also quite scary too, things you only see in films.

Badge | Google

In the office were Vpods named after plants in alphabetical order. Here Googler’s could hold meetings, work solo or just take time out. As per Facebook, Google utilizes standing desks, a lot of game areas and drinks and snacks at your leisure. I wasn’t surprised to find Nerf guns laying around the Collaboration Booths and could only imagine the fun that could be had in this office, if I wasn’t on a tour I’d definitely get lost here.

Google offers 3 free gourmet meals per day, I was tempted with a smoothie ice pop on my arrival to the large cafeteria.

Pops | Google

Google has a massage area and large fitness center with food and drink at your leisure. Sleeping pods that were very futuristic looking and games you can control with your eyes.

As you enter Lala Library, I am greeted by a white sofa and a long fringe curtain, stunning. At Google, you can sign up to learn anything you please including to be taught by another Googler. Internal resources and education is an amazing idea for self development, you could learn a new language or programming language, the choice is yours. I found the Googler’s I had met were extremely cross functional just like me. With extremely motivated, talented and intelligent people around, how can one not prosper and grow within this environment?

Upon saying my goodbye’s I was given a Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewing glasses and tested this on my way home, (not whilst driving of course). Check these out, at I felt like an 80’s kid again.

Google Cardboard | Google

After music and meet and greets in the Cafeteria, I left Google feeling inspired, motivated and most of all driven. The possibilities at Google are amazing not just for new technology but for the person you could become within a prosperous work environment. From Grow Your Own Veg spots to Yoda Wall Origami, Google will never fail to surprise me. Until we meet again.

Happy 17th birthday for yesterday Google! More info about Google’s culture can be found here.¬†Follow me at @marsha_mm to keep updated on the latest projects and posts.


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