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Happiness is your property #ownIt

Own It | Marsha Mothersill

My current mantra. Image courtesy of aaronritz

Having Sickle means you never know where you will be in the next hour. One moment your at work, having fun with friends or in a deep sleep and the next your in the back of an ambulance on your way to hospital!

I feel there is so much to accomplish when I’m well therefore not wanting to waste a moment. When you have something like your time taken away from you, it reminds you of your privileges and how blessed you are. So when I have missed 48 hours or a few weeks of my life I am always thankful for when I can get back to being me. Not wanting to miss a moment, spontaneity is sometimes key. When plans flop it can be heart wrenching like when I had to miss the first few days of a holiday when my sister moved to America for 8 months. Where possible, I always try to make daily events spontaneous so that they are most enjoyable and they happen, avoiding some disappointments. I adore the moments of picking up the phone and arranging something for right now.

Close friends and family will understand when I say I metaphorically live in an Entonox bubble daily. Never loose your passion, do what makes you happy as you never know what could happen. It all starts with a dream, don’t leave it too long, every day is another opportunity to reach your goal.

Happiness is your property #ownIt




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