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Intelligent Souls

Intelligent Souls

There is nothing like meeting someone who you feel knows everything about anything. As a child, I always thought my parents were today’s Google! I would ask any question and I would always feel guided. In particular, my dad would explain things to me which enticed me to know more.

I would love to meet more people my age that have that “Go Getter” mentality and I am open to suggestions, (open invitation). One thing that I feel my generation is missing is this mentality that empowered so many people today.

Go Getters

Within the development world, here are some great pieces that I feel come from the most exhilarating Go Getter’s I know (excluding my parents). Not in any particular order:

1. Dave Gamache, the creator of Skeleton; A beautiful boilerplate for responsive, mobile-friendly development – GetSkeleton

2. Paul Irish, HTML5 Boilerplate – html5boilerplate

3. Alex Frank, Don’t click it – Flash-based UI that’s keeping Flash alive using only hovering and mouse motion – Old school is best.

4. Street Summer – Innovative video usage  – StreetSummer – (not just a YouTube video)

5. Sylvain Ollier – very cute – Sylvain-Ollier I introduced this talented Illustrator to a few friends and now has the town tweeting! You can’t have development with no design.

6. My favorite agency this week – Momkai – (Yes I have a ‘thing’ for agencies), mostly for their creatures and this you get to know this artist on a personal level with the video background and music. I adore the navigation. You know I had to download the album (see downloads).

Those are the only websites on my mind at the moment. Don’t forget that open invitation at the beginning of this post.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Graphics courtesy of Sylvain Ollier – (Thanks again dude!)



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