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Leeds YOLO

After a crazy journey to Leeds with a broken track holding us up, we finally made it! I have needed a weekend break as I haven’t taken a day off work since I started four months ago. I wanted to save my holidays for bigger things. For now, weekend Spa breaks and half days are on my agenda.

When I go away anywhere, I get excited like a child. Last I left London was a holiday to New York which I was blown away by and I will definitely be going back. Upon reaching Leeds, the first thing I noticed was our huge hotel just across the tracks at the station, just needed to find a way of getting there.

Sometimes you just need to get away and not think about all the things we get caught up in in life. The race to and from work, hard work, family, friends etc. I needed a little me time to just reflect on the past year.

So on that Friday night, I found my room, huge, immaculate and untouched. I love that first sight of a fresh room but aspects topped it off. There were two toned red and black silk cushions that ran the theme in this white and cream room. Egyptian Cotton white throws with the same pattern as mine so I felt right at home. Large mirrors on either side of the room, with a spotless desk holding a 27inch Mac with unlimited internet access. Now if you know me well, I am pretty much anti Mac and prefer a pc, doesn’t mean I can’t use one so that’s what I did! The first plan, hook this Mac up with some hot tracks. It’s the weekend and that’s exactly what I played.
I downloaded both albums and hit that loud!

So after a mini party, we headed out to town to see what we could find. I was amazed about how beautiful this town was with the sights. The people were friendly and they had very interesting design shops that I hunted. Comical Charlie Brown, The Peanuts Gang and other old prints.

There was an old man that was passing that looked fairly grumpy but managed with a smile to say “Morning”, of course it was not morning and I thought he was crazy. The City Centre was lively after hours and everyone was out and about. On every road there were places to eat and drink which at the end of a road split into another 3. This place was huge!

Jaldi Jaldi was a quick stop for some food which was amazing but the best thing was that you could get home made Lassi in a bottle! I haven’t yet seen that anywhere near where I live so of course I had to take that back with me. If you ever go to one of their stores, pick up a Herbie meal, and a Sweet Lassi yum!

Surrounding the hotel was a canal that was so pretty at night that I spent quite a bit of time out there just taking it all in. I was taking a picture in the lobby and the security guard asked me what I was doing. Little me looking like I was about to be told off, he said, “What you doing?” (You should have seen my face), then he said, “Why are you taking a picture when you can see the real thing?” So he showed us to the next destination. The canal sight was amazing but the best thing had to be the Hotel’s Sky Lounge!! Plus the roof, breath taking [First video]. I mean the bar was great, amazing atmosphere and at night almost felt like a club. You could hear the music from the ground floor baring in mind Sky Lounge was on the 13th floor! But I wasn’t here to party hard every night, I was here to relax. So I went out on the roof and took it all in. I could be up there for hours if it wasn’t so cold. I will probably do this again in the summer.

My bedroom window over looked the canal, stunning buildings and the huge train line, what a sight. There was an ice bar on the floor above ours which I was all happy about, love my cold drinks! The one thing I love about Hotel’s is the little perks you get. The immaculate fresh bathrooms with little finishing touches and exclusive tailored services. Some of my favourites that made me smile [Second Video].

Another highlight was the County Arcade! The Victorian architecture had the most attractive buildings I have ever seen for a shopping centre. Even just the buildings on the main roads, immaculate! That’s the one with the fountain indoors.

Out of the familiar, I managed to find some of my favourite juices to mix up a little something. A little drink in my glass and feeling nice, (stopped at the blue bit as I’m quite a light weight). There is nothing more than some herbal tea and some biscuits in the morning! I did a little note with the hotel phone pad of all the things that made me smile. The breakfast view was stunning but that picture had to be captured at night as we ventured the hotel.

On the last day we went for lunch in the Sky Lounge Bar and off the Summer Lounge Menu I ordered the Fully Dressed and Char-grilled Beef Burger which was served in a toasted Foccacia bun with plum tomato, gem, dill pickle and fries. Oh.My.Gosh. Put it this way, on the go in London, you don’t get to experience the slow bite! [Only some will get this]. Of course I also had a little something to bless Leeds so I tried the Piña Colada. It was good, but I still haven’t found a drink I really like so for now I still don’t drink.

So back in my home town, back to reality. I missed work and the people so much couldn’t wait to come back even though I had an amazing time in Leeds.

For the privacy of others, this post was an account of Leeds through my eyes only. Most of Leeds was not shared in this post but I had an amazing few days with great company. Partially reminded me of the film Eat Pray Love. A little lady on a mission.

So what will you do for the closing of this year? You only live once! YOLO!


Sky Lounge View – Mint Hotel

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