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Snap Shots from 2011

Snapshots of 2011 | Marsha Mothersill

It’s that time of year again where I reflect on the year gone by and remember two great memories from 2011. It’s amazingly hard to summarize to just two as I feel I had a another fantastic year so I am going to break my rules slightly, [a lot].

Gaining so much from Cyber Duck Digital Agency last year. That experience taught me where I really wanted to go next in developing [WordPress]. Driving my new Car BB home for the first time was a huge thing. One week later, getting my job at Asos was epic!

I have to mention my weekender in Leeds and meeting new and exsisting friends in ’11. Getting to know my friend @ayumi_v4 on another level where I can truly say that she is a friend for life has been amazing!

Getting my job was the truly the highlight of my year. It has definatley changed my life enhancing it that little bit more. So when I say I am dying to go back to work, it is purely facts. I love the people I am surrounded by and catch joke with them daily! I always wake up happy to go to work and I constantly learning off my surroundings which has helped me build personal aspects of my life.

Health wise, I have definitely had it hard this year. This time last month I was seeing Orthopaedics for my knee. Trying to hop back in to work every minute made it worse and they were wise sending me home. 2 weeks unwell and 3 painful weeks off work and I was more than ready to start my own little inspiration library.

I became more girly than I ever have been and still a Tomboy at heart. In 2011 I discovered my mind was super powerful and I only attracted the love I focused on. So pure positivity came since that year. Launching my website was defiantly an “I can” moment which I will never forget! So much has happened this year to blog about but…

I wish all my friends and family every success!

Here’s to another great year!!

Marsh x



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