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Tangent One – Testing Testing 123

Tangent One | Marsha Mothersill

Honestly, it was a test, just not for my blog. I recently decided to join Digital Guru’s [DG] after they approached me on Linkedin [with as I say “endless possibilities”], to build myself as a Freelancer. The work they do is great so I couldn’t miss this opportunity!

After meeting such a down to earth team, I received an email to conduct a test for Tangent One of front end HTML and CSS with standards I feel are appropriate. With this spec, as soon as I got home, I couldn’t wait to begin! I saw the layout and dived in, deciding I wanted to use Paul Irish’s HTML 5 Boilerplate. Even though it was a very small project, I was time concious so I needed to think fast. What is the best way to incorporate HTML 5 into this project without the fuss and chaos that comes with backward compatibility? Boilerplate!

Here is a summary of the main reasons why I chose this method:

  • HTML 5 Boilerplate Includes conditional statements that I used to correct IE and other browser bugs.
  • Backward compatibility
  • HTML 5 rendering for IE – Cross-browser functionality
  • PNG transparency fixed via shiv


Remembering these are just a few reasons, I wanted to express that I could not only natively write front end as Junior but involve other, more interesting pieces in such a short space of time.

It seems that testing freelancers before hiring is now the norm for small and larger companies. So what do I think? I like this approach as it shows skill set under pressure. I am open to doing tests before being hired as I learn new things along the way helping me to prosper.


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