The AQ Projects

The AQ Projects was scheduled to launch late summer 2011 but has now been terminated for unforeseen circumstances. People have asked about AQ projects that was sneak peaked on my portfolio so I made sure to show you guys the semi-final template without WordPress but with HTML 5.

I was asked to create a piece about this Music Production company that helps raw talent in North London create music and themselves as individual or grouped artists. Talented musicians gain the chance to be recognised and be kick started in the music industry. With a lot of potential, The AQ Project was sadly terminated.

The AQ Projects | Marsha Mothersill


I designed this piece with no resources, literally Photoshop and my graphics tablet. No images except the social media buttons. I needed to design something in what little time I had after work and within a few weeks and then develop the site over [after work] 4 weeks. I found it a challenge coming up with ideas after being so tired after work but managed to pull it together with something the client was delighted about. The theme was a notebook for all the information for the companies projects.

I drew post-its, sellotape and paper with binder rings to begin with and then added board pins and lastly designed the clients logo. They mentioned a Passport Stamp which is where I based that idea for The AQ Projects design.

The AQ Projects 2 | MarshaMothersill


I was very passionate about this piece and couldn’t wait to bring the clients ideas to life. I instantly knew the main tools I would use which was HTML 5 Boilerplate,WordPress and JQuery. My biggest challenge was making sure the ringbinders met up once text elongated. Having to go back into design was a pain which I knew was bound to happen. I initially found my favourite font when I did this site and made sure I stated this is the font I would be using for this project.


It is a shame the project got so far just before launch and then had to be terminated as I wanted to see the final touch live. I have brought the site back to a template just for those who were waiting to see the final. You can find that live preview [home page only] version in a safe place.

I still feel it was necessary to show this as I designed and developed it as if it were my child. See you in the next…[waves]. The AQ Projects….


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